The Story - Yusuph Ulomi

Yusuph Ulomi
"Without limiting myself to one style or medium, I aim to instill a sense of hope and awareness in sharing ideas and perspectives through beauty. By the same token, I hope to critiquing the banal and mundane mainstream media values. " Y.U
Yusuph Ulomi is a Tanzanian-American contemporary artist currently based in the United States. He is known for his distinctive depictions of realistic and abstract landscapes of ideas.
Using mixed media and highly intricate and detailed canvas drawing techniques, his pieces create a dynamic mash-up of sketching and painting; bringing the beauty of the colorful and the colorless together.  
His work conveys and depicts various internal states of the mind that reflect realistic environments, ideas, and feelings of our internal and external world. His art also aims to critique the banal and mundane mainstream media values, while equally aiming to inspire a sense of freedom.
Ulomi's journey as an artist has seen his work constantly evolving, becoming more and more sought-after. Inspired by the constant changes in his personal life as an immigrant from Tanzania, and the developmental changes as an artist, Yusuph has fully embraced and adapted the concept of evolving by enabling each of his individual artworks to undergo changes over time.