The Story - Yusuph Ulomi

Yusuph Ulomi
"Without limiting myself to one style or medium, I aim to instill a sense of hope and awareness in sharing ideas and perspectives through beauty. By the same token, I hope to critiquing the banal and mundane mainstream media values. " Y.U
Yusuph Ulomi is the Co-founder and creative director of the Liberate X media agency where he specializes as a creative strategist. Liberate X is centered on creative design and communications strategy for small startups all the way to large enterprise businesses. Prior to Liberate X, Yusuph was also involved as the Co-founder and creative director of Liberate Arts, an online art platform launched in 2017 which enables artists to share their inspirations and sell their artwork to a global audience.
Originally from Tanzania, his interest in art and creativity stems from his early childhood experiences where artistic expression was encouraged by family and friends. One of his main motivations throughout his childhood and his current experience as an immigrant living in the U.S has been the need to creatively express and share in the attempt to be understood.

Outside of vigorous self-education, and a high school diploma from North Allegheny, he went on to attend Washington & Jefferson College where he studied Political science, philosophy, and art. However, after two years at W&J, Yusuph decided to leave school to gain a more practical approach in entrepreneurship and his skills as an artist. Determined to continue learning in more direct experience, he quickly became involved in the world of e-commerce and drop-shipping, while working as a freelance web developer and digital designer for businesses.
Currently, outside of all the entrepreneurial roles and projects at Liberate X and Liberate Arts, Yusuph has been heavily involved in making art as a professional painting artist for the past five years. His most recent major activity as an artist took place in the summer of 2019, where he won a scholarship and was recognized as an emerging artist in Pittsburgh at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, an outdoor music and arts festival held each June in the Downtown district of Pittsburgh.
As a contemporary artist, he is known for his distinctive depictions of realistic and abstract landscapes. Though not limiting himself to one type of medium or style of art, most of his work creates a dynamic mash-up of sketching and painting; bringing the beauty of the colorful and the colorless together.
His creative work explores and challenges subjects that range from the social-political landscape to spiritual principals. His art aims to dissolves mental boundaries that separate ideas, emotions, and understandings of our physical world in an attempt to inspire and echo a sense of liberation and freedom. By the same token, his artwork critiques the banal and the mundane mainstream media values that set the agenda of our social-political landscape.
Yusuph's journey as an artist has seen his work constantly evolving, becoming more and more sought-after. Inspired by the constant changes that continue to extend his boundaries in his personal life as an immigrant, and the developmental changes as an artist in a foreign cultural space, Yusuph has fully embraced and adapted the concept of evolving into his own art-making process by enabling each of his individual artworks to undergo changes over time.