My Story

I was born and raised in Tanzania, located in East Africa. I moved to the US In 2010; currently, I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Over time, I came to embrace making art as a kind of creative spiritual practice. It enables me to connect deeper with myself through the making process and with others through the beauty and inspiration echoed in the painting that comes out. Choosing to follow my passion has been the most challenging yet rewarding decision I have ever made so far. As I continue to grow and evolve as an artist, I aim to create soulful inspiring art, that instills a sense of curiosity and wonder. Awakening the possibility of seeing the immense freedom in how creatively unique things can be when we dare to follow our passion and express the truth of our being.

In a way, my inspiration in art is the sense of freedom that exists in it. The freedom of choice to choose or not to choose preexisting styles and methods, but to be inspired to create something new no matter the choice made. I view making art as a form of creative spiritual practice. My art is inspired by various spiritual concepts, but looks very different from each other. It gives me a sense of courage in attempting to express what comes to my heart in the way that it does. I am able to create without having to feel imprisoned to a style of expression I would call my own or that of others that inspire me. Becoming free from both by going through them, and yet still remaining responsible for what turns out in the end. By being open to various styles of expression and mediums of art, I aim to instill a sense of hope, courage, and awareness in constantly sharing beauty and inspiration.