Liberate Arts is an online Fine Art Gallery that goes beyond art. As a gallery, we are driven by the goal of empowering artists and their audiences by dissolving the boundaries that lie between them. Art has always been a personal experience, and now with online shopping becoming more popular and galleries being more difficult to get to. Buying art online has really been about just selling something beautiful and not so much meaning. In an effort to bridge the gap between these two themes Liberate Arts was born. We strive to provide the public with a unique gallery experience allowing them to view our entire catalog of artistic creations through a friendly user interface that allows the customer to not only view beautiful art pieces but to also take a deeper dive into the stories behind the art pieces, and the hidden meaning represented within the art. This allows for a deeper and more personal encounter with the artists and their art's transformative message.

As an online art gallery, Liberate Arts aims to reduce the ambiguity between the artist and their audience by sharing the inspiration. Essentially, it is an aim to unite the artist and their global community together, by clearly communicating the transformative values, the process, and the ultimate inspiration behind art that artists have always pricelessly worked to share with the world.