DeVon Gandy

I am a visual artist and Pittsburgh native. Professionally, I've worked as a graphic designer, muralist, and fine arts educator K-12. I feel the most fulfilled when interacting with others, engaging in terms of life that nurture the manifestation of our perpetual purpose and livelihood. I believe in creativity as a conductor of reformation in the mind, body, and soul. My life's mission is to produce a positive and personal impact on everyone I meet. A career goal of mine is to establish an interactive art gallery, using my facility and influence to foster unity in the community. My Christian values and beliefs heavily influence my art and love for people, regardless of their personas. 
Referring to my art as 'prophetic nostalgia', it's my desire to fill hearts with hope, souls with joy, and the spirit with love. Producing relatable content that others can connect with on an aesthetic and emotional level, I hope, will goad viewers to search themselves in a pensive and integral way. I pray viewers are captivated in such a way that provokes breakthrough in the discovery of an intimate relationship with Christ, my Lord, and Savior. I want them to be enticed and overwhelmed by the intimacy of the divine meeting them Face to face. No matter the creed, race, or religion, I don't intend to offend but to offer a life-changing experience that at its least, encourages participants to master their own creativity in a way that successfully endorses their craft.